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About Us

This blog was established in 2017, Technoflag is a technology blog. Here are some of the complex issues of technology discussed, and all difficult issues are made easy and everyone is able to understand. The main goal of this blog is to publish every information from different sources in easy word. All information on this blog is already on the internet, the information is published directly in this blog for worldwide. This blog will especially help them a lot, who do not know Latest Technology News, Events, Post, etc.
Moreover, it is widely discussed about modern computing, mobile, internet and security. Being the admin of the Technoflag blog, Motahar Uddin The goal of this blog, every lover of science and technology makes it easier to enabling technology to teach their language. In our world, there is a lack of technology, people lacking and presenting them with the right presentation. Only you can have great support, to fulfill the purpose of this blog.