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Sunday, 6 August 2017

New blockade on About North Korea

New blockade on About North Korea

The United Nations Security Council has agreed to impose fresh sanctions on North Korea on the basis of the missile program.A proposal has been passed unanimously to restrict investment in North Korea and impose sanctions on export trade of the country. This Sunday in a BBC report.
United Nations envoy Nicky Hale said this is 'the most severe blockade for any country in a generation.'
In July, Pyongyang conducted two intercontinental ballistic missiles. They claim that the missile can hit the United States. Although experts questioned this capability
South Korea, Japan, and the United States condemned the trial and renewed the test by encouraging the United Nations to impose sanctions.

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Coal, ore and other raw materials are one of the main sources of export of North Korean income in China.Approximately, North Korea exports about $ 300 million worth of products every year.Due to the new blockade, this trade will reduce $ 100 million. Earlier this year, China stopped importing coal from the country to put pressure on North Korea.
Although the repeated sanctions against North Korea did not prevent the country from continuing to develop its missile.
China is the only international ally of North Korea. In addition, the only veto given by the United Nations Security Council on the sanctions imposed on North Korea is China.But China has supported the proposal to impose sanctions on North Korea.