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Monday, 24 July 2017

I have the power to forgive: Trump

 I have the power to forgive: Trump

In the last year's election, the President of the United States Presidency Donald Trump said that I have full jurisdiction to apologize to anyone who is running the administration in connection with Russia's possible involvement with the Republican campaign camp. Trump said this in a tweet on Saturday morning at the local time, Reuters said. Trump wrote when everyone knows that the President of the United States has full power to forgive, why worry about them, the only crime that is leaked against us so far is the only crime.

False news Analysts believe that Trump's comments of forgiveness are in response to a media report regarding this. If the results of the investigation in Russia are not favorable, then the Trump is also checking the possibility of alternate paths, they also seem to have an indication of the comments. The report said that it is understood that the Washington Post's response to this week's news report, despite not telling anyone who will apologize.

The Washington Post's claim that Trump and his legal team are now investigating the United States President's jurisdiction to forgive himself, family members or his close friends. However, Reuters could not confirm how accurate the content of the report is. Another Washington Post report on Friday said that the Russian ambassador to the United States, last year, had heard the US intelligence agencies strapped while telling the senior officials about the election campaign with Trump's adviser Jeff Sessions. Sessions was a senator at that time.

Trump also protested in his tweet saying these illegal information leaks must be closed. Sessions did not speak with Russian ambassador Sergei Kieslikak in 2016, with Senate hearing on appointment as President's Advisor; Later, when the news was published, he said that there was no talk of the election campaign in the meeting.

Source: Reuters

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