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Monday, 24 July 2017

The organized cycle is the reason cutting trees.

 The organized cycle is the reason cutting trees.

July 7th, deep night A group of 20-25 people was cutting an octagonal tree in front of the laboratory of Laoyachra National Park in Kamalganj upazila of Moulvibazar. Khasia family and forest workers shook the tree and fled. Earlier in the first week of June, an ostrich was cut from that place.

The allegation has been raised, a group organized by the group has cut trees of trees for a few years. In the meantime, the number of Segun, Chapaliish, and Awalagas has decreased considerably. Now the focus of the cycle is on the precious Agargacha. There are no activities of the Horticulture Co-operation Committee to protect the trees. Thousands of forest workers and Khasia family members are not stopped for the tricks.

The government announced the National Park in Lauyachara in 1996. Its area is approximately 1,250 hectares. According to sources at Loyashrabhan Bit and Assistant Forest Conservator's Office, they did not have accurate statistics of their tree plantations. There are various species of trees including Segun, Chapaliish, Awal, Lohakatha, Agar. The most important of these is the age raga cha. An agar-Gach ha prize of 30 thousand taka lakh

Banis and local sources said that 10 years ago, there were 10-15 thousand iguanas and 5-7 thousand Kapsalis in this garden. Now there are no more than 1,000 saunas. The number of tepal-SGA Chas has also decreased. Earlier there were one to one and a half thousand aga raga Chas in different areas of the park. Now there are only 300 trees in Khasiafunjungla Agargaon. Apart from this, there is more than 25-30 age raga Chas in different places of the park. A cycle has become desperate to steal the garage. The tree was cut out of trees and quickly carried out of the forest with their own carts on the railway track.

Ladahara Khasi AFU Nj's headman Phila Spani said, on the night of June 13 and July 7, a group of thieves tried to smuggle Sagara that. Khasiaonji people and forest workers chased the trees. They had arms in their hands. It is not easy to resist them with empty hands and with a small number of people. There is also a threat to killing.

Talking to some people in the area, Kamalganj Upazila Awami League member and Local Union Parishad (UP) member Suleman Hossain, Kamalganj Union Awami League General Secretary Badrul Alam, along with some others were also present in the clutches. The forest department and the National Parks Co-Management Committee did not take any measures to protect the precious trees of the forest.

However, on Tuesday Suleyman Hossain denied the allegation saying on his mobile phone that he has a contracting business. He is not involved in planting trees or cutting trees.

Badrul Alam said that thieves and forest department may bring such allegations against him. Because he was once a member of the Loyawara National Park Co-management Committee. Then the forest department criticized the activities. He claimed that the workers of forest department were also involved in planting trees.

Assistant Forest Conservator of Moulvibazar (Wildlife Conservation and Nature Co-operation Department) Tabibur Rahman said, due to an armed cycle the forest department is struggling to protect the trees. It is difficult to resist them with a forest bit officer, three forest patrols and two boatmen (the recruitment staff of forest department). Who is destroying this forest, the administration knows from the co-management committee. They need strict action against them.

Divisional Forest Officer (Wildlife Conservation and Nature Co-operation Department) Mihir Kumar Do said, the forest department is trying its best to protect the trees in the park. In the list sent from the Prime Minister's Office a year ago, local people have been named as a member of the tree-planting party in this garden.

Attempts are made to take more stringent action in future with cooperation committee, counseling committee, and administration. Besides, social and political awareness will be created locally to protect environment and biodiversity.

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