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Monday, 24 July 2017

MNP Policy Approval .

 MNP Policy Approval.

BTRC Chairman Shahjahan Mahmud hopes that the much-awaited MNP service can be started soon.

On Monday afternoon, he said, there will be no bid-related auction for the license, a license for 10 million rupees will be given to this institution for 15 years. And the institution will be selected through the 'Beauty Contest' among the applicants.

There will be a committee in the Beauty Contest process, which will allow applicants to choose a company for licensing by examining specific criteria, such as financial capability, technical expertise, and experience.

After the approval of the MNP amended policy, the notification for the license was issued after receiving the approval of the Finance Ministry, said the BTRC chairman.

Application Conditions

1.Any foreign institution can apply for this license jointly with any Bangladeshi company. No foreign institution can apply alone.

2.Foreign companies will not be more than 51 percent ownership in partnership with the Bangladeshi company. However, this rule will not apply to expatriate Bangladeshis (NRBs).

3.No mobile phone operator or their directors or shareholders or affiliates will be able to apply for the license.

4.In one or more of the interested organizations, at least one crore subscribers will have experience of three years MNP service.

5.The application will be sent to the BTRC chairman on August 23rd.

The process of issuing licenses as soon as possible after the receipt of the application, the BTRC chief said, will soon be concluded.

Many do not change the operator even after the number is not satisfied with the service that does not want to change. Once MNP is started, they will get the opportunity to go to another operator while keeping the number correct.

According to the policy, operators will be able to get 30 takas from the customers to provide MNP facility. Once the MNP facility is taken, the customer will have to wait for 90 days if he wants to go to another operator.

In order to create this much-awaited opportunity, the Ministry of Finance approved the first time MNP policy in December 2015. But in that case, the licensing process will be transparent - if the question arises, the policy was taken to amend the policy.

With a few evaluation criteria, the BTRC finalized the revised draft of the MNP policy in January next year. In June, it got the final approval of the Prime Minister's Office.

After the initiative of the auction, five of the six applicants were initially selected. The auction date is also fixed on 28 September 2016. But a week before the announcement of the auction was announced the BTRC.

Country minister for publishing and telecommunication Tarana Halim said that after receipt of security clearance from the intelligence agencies about the interested companies, it will be auctioned for the operator.

Then in November last year, BTRC chairman Shahjahan Mahmud said, before the auction, there will be some changes in the policy 'procurement process'.

In the previous policy, it was said that the license will be issued through auction. The application fee will be one lakh rupees in the auction process, BD Ernest Money will be Tk 10 lakh and the base price will be one crore taka.

BTRC has issued a circular for the license application on Monday after adding the rules to finalize a 'qualified' company through 'Beauty Contest', which changed the process.

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