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Monday, 24 July 2017

Government employees Bought the boat to go to the office.

 Government employees Bought the boat to go to the office.

In the city's Agrabad, water logging has been purchased for the transportation of a government department officials and employees. The boat has now become one of the safest transport vehicles to that office. People from several other residential areas of Agrabad residential area have reported at least four boats to buy traffic problems.

Agrabad area under the tide of water in the whole year without winter and spring. Recently the water logging increased due to rain.

Chittagong tax area-4 office sources said that on the same road in Agrabad CDA area 17 stations in the six-storied building and 57 schools in the 16 storied building opposite Hatkhari School of the same road have 57 office-based tax offices. There are about 400 employees and employees in two buildings.

Tax Commissioner of Chittagong Tax Zone-4, Ahmed Ullah said in the first light, the government officials should be present in the office. We also have government cars. But due to rain and tidal water logging, the road to the office travels down to half to four feet below the water. For this, we bought a boat with Tk 26 thousand on July 11th.

Ahmad Ullah said that three to four passengers can travel on the boat at one go. The problem has been cut short because of our boat purchases. One of the guards in the Chittagong tax area continued to carry the boat.

Now three to five feet of water in the ground floor of different residential areas of Agrabad residential area of the city. The inhabitants of the city are now main boat and rickshaws. People from the area are coming to the workplace with three or four boats.

Syed Mohammad, a resident of a house on 22 roads in Agrabad CDA residential area. Yasin Hira said in the light of the first light this afternoon, on Monday afternoon (Monday) the bottom floor of my house was submerged almost five feet below the water. My private car is completely submerged in the garage. The doctor could not go to the hospital.

Syed Md. Yasin also said that talking to buy a boat from Sitakunda is going on to overcome the problem of traffic. But the residents of our CDA area have already bought four boats.

Rezaul Karim resident of Agrabad residential area said in the first light that due to rain and new moon, tidal water increased. In this, water is in our area. The ground floor of the ground floor was submerged. Rickshaws have to be rented from 80 to 100 take to come from the house to the drizzle.

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