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Monday, 24 July 2017

Result crashes because of the English

 Result crashes because of the English

After the SSC HSC results also came to fruition. Almost all of the results of the index have now deteriorated. As the overall outcome of the outcome has decreased, the number of eligible GPA-5s also decreased. Besides, the expansion of creative question papers, passing less than half of the Comilla board and passes in English on many boards, including Dhaka Board, Madras, has resulted in the failure of the HSC results in just a little more than 58 percent of the pass rate in the Humanities Department. Basically, these four or five reasons have served as the main catalyst for the disaster.

Education researchers in the published results analysis said that in the last one-and-a-half year the political stable situation in the country did not play a helpful role in making a positive impact on the results. However, the education minister itself alleged that some political programs have had negative effects on the results.

It is seen that the rates of GPA-5 decreased as the rate of passes has decreased, this year the number of complaints received. The number of organizations that have lost hundreds of students also increased. Apart from this, the number of institutions passed by 100 percent of students has decreased more than last year. The number of such colleges is 72, Last year was 25. This number has increased 47 times since last year. This year passed 68.91 percent of the students. The rate was 74 percent to 70 percent last year. In the 10 board exams, HSC and equivalent examinations got GPA 5 37 thousand 969 students. Last year 58 thousand 276 people

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid admitted that the picture of the deterioration of all the indicators of the drought, but positively identified it as saying that it has happened after following the new method of evaluating the examination paper. He said that the quality of education has increased and the book has been properly evaluated.

Education leaders say, one of the main reasons behind the drop in the record number is the creative question paper, which the teachers are also unreliable and immature. This year, 50 papers in 26 subjects were examined in the creative questionnaire. Successful implementation of this method of modernization in teaching and testing is not possible until now. Besides, 49.52 percent students passed the Comilla Board. That means more than half of the students did not receive the minimum pass number.

Over 30 percent of the students on this board have dropped in English. Not only Comilla, many boards, including Dhaka Board, Madras, have passed less in English. But the Education Minister has been repeatedly saying that special measures have been taken in English and numerical classes. Special care has been taken. The English fears have diminished. There is a lack of English teachers all over the country. It has been met. But the results of the public examination have not been proven to have any effect on him. An official responsible for the Dhaka Board told Naya Diganta, that almost half of the testers in English have done bad results, whose impact is in full effect. Now that happened.

Besides this, the students of Madrasah Education Board have done the worst result in the last five years. Alim examination in the pass rate is 77 percent 0 percent. Last year, the rate of the passing examination was 88.19 percent. The pass rate decreased by 11.17 percent this year compared to last year. On this board, GPA5 received 1,815 students, which is 599 less than last year. Madrasa Board Chairman Professor AKM Saifullah told Naya Diganta that the students have made worse in English. This has affected the pass rate of the board.

On the other hand, the information provided by the inter-board shows that, in this year, examinations under eight general education boards were found in GPA 5, 83 percent of them are students of science and home-division. The total number of GPA-5 schools in the country has been 33,242. Of these, 28 thousand 935 were tested for science and domestic branches. Highlighting the matter, Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid said in the press conference that the examinations of GPA-5 and pass rate of science and home-division exams ahead. This branch has passed two lakh 14 thousand 352 examinees with 1 lakh 78 thousand and 220 people. The pass rate is 83.14 percent, which portrays the positive side as a positive result.

On this side, the political situation is not to blame for this disaster. But if no reason is found, the opposition political party is accused of being harmful to the education environment. But for the last nearly two years there was no political unrest in the country. Peaceful atmosphere prevailed during the course of education and during the examination. Some people have questioned why there was a fair and normal environment, but why did not the impact of education or its results in the results of the examination.

What some chairmen of Education Board say about the cause of the disaster

Inter-coordination sub-committee and Dhaka Education Board Chairman Prof Mahbub Rahman fruits cause of the crash Asked about the new horizon on the Dhaka and Comilla Board of the board, English pass rate because of lack of Comilla Board, students from the disaster because of the overall results of the adverse impact.

Comilla Education Board chairman Prof Abdul Khalek did not immediately comment on the fruit disaster. He said that everyone is ruining Comilla Board only. All the results of the test board are bad.

Later in the request, he said that students will only be examined by the students why they have dropped more than the English. He said 37 percent of students in English had failed. Board examinations have been instructed to investigate whether the fruit disaster has taken place in any other matter.

Jessore Board of Education Chairman Professor Md. Abdul Alim said overall fruit disasters have occurred due to the English and Comilla Board. The highest pass rate is now Sylhet Board How to overcome all the boards in Sylhet Sylhet?

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